[Salman] Rushdie … explains that … [his recent] book mixes Western traditions with Eastern. Among other things, there is a section where various stories begin, but without coming to an end. The process is typical of a kind of storytelling that attracts large audiences in countries including India

– First, it was a fun way to work on. But I also thought that in some ways it is as we live. In incomplete stories. And in these stories, we encounter all the time on other stories. And perhaps there is in the stories, other stories. Life is an unfinished story, until it is completed.

~ excerpts from a long interview with the author which appeared in 9/18/16 edition of Dagens Nyheter (Sweden)
(my translation)

My reflection: Haha, an Eastern storytelling tradition. How interesting! I’m all for real-life stories without an (proper) end. For, at sometimes, I find it ‘simplistic’ by sticking to the rule that offers a conclusion (read “satisfaction”) – because my Art [influenced by the Aristotelian mimesis] imitates Life, as opposed to Life imitates Art (Oscar Wilde’s anti-mimesis. For a better understanding, I’ll try to get hold of a copy of “Anti-Mimesis from Plato to Hitchcock” by Tom Cohen.}
Looking forward to your  comments.

Thank you!

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