This tale is a compelling read!

Leaving Pandora – by Bibiana Krall

While reading this tale of romance, I was reminded of how complex a romantic relationship can be, the desires, the hopes and dreams – and in spite of an initial stage of mutual attraction. A first amorous encounter can, with some luck, be straightforward, or awkward and embarrassing. In this story, it is a bit of a mixture where there’s a fair amount of mutual curiosity to start the ball rolling. And although Pandora is anxious to know the stranger, his manner is super cool. There’s a peculiarity about him that soon becomes apparent. She becomes uncertain, not knowing what to make of the man. Also, their life agendas are different although that need not be an obstacle.

There is symbolism that enriches the story, shedding light, as it were, on things that seem to be lacking, hampering the smooth flow in the relationship. Nature is beautifully described.

I quite enjoyed this romantic tale, for it shows how a relationship – despite much mutual affection – has the potential of falling flat on its face, without support and sacrifice from free-spirited individuals. This tale is a compelling read.