“The Ballad of Calle & Maja” by Lawrence G. Taylor – available at Amazon and other online book stores


A slice of Romance Realism: a poignant love story for readers of all ages and walks-of-life. Maja sends Calle crushes, and he is flattered and becomes infatuated. But Calle suffers from low self-esteem. As his affection for Maja grows, his fear of failure begins to kick in. For years Calle was lonely, desperate, and vulnerable, had experienced a string of disheartening one-night stands and unrequited love. Calle sustained psychological scars after visiting an online cat-fishing site where he forfeited much of his bank savings. 
After much ambivalence–and moral support from two compassionate workmates–Calle decides to make his move. He goes after Maja’s affection as if he had nothing to lose. Maja, meanwhile, has love troubles of her own. Calle is determined to win her love and is hopeful, however. The question is, does Calle have what it takes to make himself and Maja happy? 

Goodreads Review: ”a touching contemporary romance …The characters are well developed and their journey is filled with shocking twists and turns. This emotional page-turner does not disappoint.”

Goodreads Review: ”the author has given us something true and real, using no filters in depicting to us love and its up-and-downs. And that’s what I appreciate the most about Taylor’s writing style and books, the fact that he makes you feel and, at the same time, think over and appreciate the beauty of life.”

Goodreads Review: ”I’ve experienced the whole spectrum of the most amazing emotions and feelings while reading this story and immediately was captured by its true to life events. Pain and joy, jealousy and doubt, delight and disappointment, ups and downs … All this can be combined into one thing – a beautiful love story.”

“Religion as tormentor of the soul & negative refuge – an essay …” will be available in a day or two in ebook format @ Amazon stores

Blurb for non-fiction

I wrote this essay as an assignment during my university days which was in the late 70s. Go Tell It On The Mountain was the first novel I read by James Baldwin and enjoyed it immensely.

Religion was very much part of my life while growing up. My parents were practising Christians, which meant I had to attend church Sunday morning mass, Sunday school at midday, and occasionally participating evening service. In early adolescence, I became a choirboy. Then, as a young man and after leaving Guyana for Great Britain, my church attendance became infrequent, and finally, it faded. I’m not sure why I turned my back on the church. Perhaps I might have become disenchanted with indifference or mild hypocrisy that appeared in some churches I attended in London. Or, it might have been my infatuation with atheism. But memory can be unreliable, owing to its dynamic nature. However, I can honestly say that I have invariably regarded myself as a Christian — if not a practising one, which probably entails regular church attendance.

James Baldwin’s novel inspired me to choose two themes for the academic essay—namely, the role religion can have in the lives of some folks. The function of religious faith can be twofold: positive and negative, which I try to show in the essay. Lastly, I have omitted page-number references.

Upon waking up this morning I noticed a question on Quora The Writer’s Nook:

Hi guys! I have a question. I have many ideas to write a story, and I want to write it. But when I write, I can’t think anything, I don’t know how to start, and I can’t find words suitable to describle the thing I want. What happen to me?

My response:

Hey, I will be brief. Apart from reading a lot, you must write frequently. Write whatever comes to mind. Acquire the habit of writing notes, especially when ideas appear. Later, much later, practice writing and rewriting short tales, say 100 words — more, or less. If you can, think in terms of structure: beginning-middle-end. If not, the structure can be applied later, when you rework the writing material. At this stage, avoid striving for perfection. Be patient. Good luck! Cheers!

A Suitable Boy was snubbed by the Booker Prize – why do they keep getting it wrong? [lgt: I read this novel when it first appeared and enjoyed it. It was the long tale, the longest I ever read — one thousand or more pages! I warmly recommend it. Unfortunately I’m unable to provide the full article since I’m not Unfortunately I’m unable to provide you with the entire article because I’m not a paid subscriber of The Telegraph newspaper.

This Sunday sees the start of one of the most eagerly-awaited dramas of the year – BBC One’s A Suitable Boy. Set in the aftermath of the 1947 partition of India, the lavish six-part series tells the story of four families over a period of 18 months, and centres on one mother’s efforts to find an “appropriate” husband for her youngest daughter Lata, played by 23-year-old newcomer Tanya Maniktala….
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