Strangers In Another Country

A self-published collection of short stories expected to be out by mid-Feb 2016.
Synopsis: two short tales and two novellas that portray the existence of a few displaced black expatriates whom by chance find themselves in two European capitals, in search of a materially better life, experiencing social and personal problems, as well as feelings of alienation in a homogeneous environment.IMG_2884.jpg

Reflections of an old geezer

In his youth,
someone with little or
no station (in life)
to brag about, sporting
though a disposition
clothed in (self-) esteem,
in search of a
“better life” in
cosmopolitan London,
once his mentor – trading
innocence for human
experience, in a secular

And in
ageing years, thoughts
come and go, not sure of
an ambition fulfilled.