The Writers’ Writer’s Writing | James Ley on Lydia Davis’ Essays {lgt41: Recently I became aware of Lydia Davis’ short short stories. Her essays about her writing, with references to several authors’ works, seem interesting, judging at least from this review by James Ley. However, I will first start with her stories.}

Her essays are valuable insights into the distinctive sensibility that produced all those remarkable stories that, like good poems, seem to resist paraphrase.
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Dostoevsky and His Demons | by Gary Saul Morson | The New York Review of Books

How should one narrate the life of a great writer? Joseph Frank’s five-volume biography of Dostoevsky, now supplemented by his Lectures on Dostoevsky,
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{lgt41: Read him in my twenties. Crime & Punishment was such a page-tuner. It remains my favourite.

Back then, my reading pace for fiction was slower than non-fiction. I remembered envying John F. Kennedy’s pace, for there were so many books to read! I once attended a fast-reading course but only used the method as a student. There are rewards for slow-readers. Speaking for myself, my memory holds on longer to any novel I read. Another is enjoying the story better.}