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The Eternal Struggle: An Amorous Story

Original contribution to the genre of literary fiction.

A powerful story with rich descriptive prose and intricate narrative ‘The Eternal Struggle: An Amorous Story’ is a glittering literary fiction penned down by author Lawrence G. Taylor that is sure to resonate with readers long after the last page has been turned.

Guyanese at origin and in spirit, James- a porter at hospital is a fun-loving bachelor who has dated several pretty women, until his interest at short term relationships is lost, and he decides to take a chance on a committed relationship with Maud Magnusson (a journalist) who is intellectual, sexy and falls under the criteria of James outlook for a perfect life partner with stability. Both James and Maud navigate the complexities of relationship, romance and identity as they are opinionated with high self-esteem and confidence.

Set in the early 70s in the era of political protests and sexual revolutions ‘The Eternal Struggle: An Amorous Story’ is a thoughtful, well-plotted yarn with a touch of traditional, contemporary romance that emphasis on faith, family, friends and commitment.

It is definitely impossible to resist author Lawrence G. Taylor’s charming and amusing storytelling mastery as he displays an exquisite thoughtful exploration of ties that bind the fluidity of relationships, sexuality and life. Tender and compelling, this novel is a pleasingly original contribution to the genre of literary fiction that is worth reading.


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Making Sense of Past Time – a Novel

“Overwhelming with brilliant unpretentious finale”

‘Making Sense of Past Time- A Novel’ is a well written timely biographical character-driven saga which despite its problems never ceases to thrill, engage and enlighten.

Author Lawrence Taylor’s character- Harry Holmes leads readers through a survey of his own personal history by reconstructing memorable chapters flipping back and forth of his growing up days in George Town-Guyana and youthful struggling days as an immigrant in London.

Drawing out an utterly absorbing plot, by illuminating microscopic view of a young boy’s thought process, Harry´s relation with his parents and siblings and his fantasies of venturing out of his home town in order to prove his worth, the author skilfully narrates an anecdote infused history of Britain where many individuals (Blacks) had to face brutal racial discrimination and other social adversities in their working and living environment.

Compelling from start to end ‘Making Sense of Past Time- A Novel’ is a successful introduction to the concept of mindfulness of a man’s life journey and his self-discovery where text seemingly blends one’s fantasy with reality sprinkling culturally specific details that is sure to overwhelm and intrigue its readers with its brilliant unpretentious finale. Highly recommended to the fans of the genre, this 5-star biographical fiction is a must read.



Sharing Elena Ferrante’s weekly column. I enjoy reading them, haven’t read any of her books though – no particular reason, other than lack of time and interest too. But some day I shall. Several of my friends, women, have read her novels. But not my male friends read non-fiction or nothing at all. Needless to add: they haven’t read my stories, which is probably a good thing – for a couple of the tales present a fictionalised version of their lives.