One avid reader once wrote to me…

…regarding (one of four tales in my book) the novelette “Binky’s Reverie”: “I have met “Binky” before in your other writings. A likable man. I don’t know if “enjoyable” is the right term for your story but moving, interesting and a bit sad. And the meeting between him and Linda (on bicycles) is excellent, balancing on the brink of disaster between them.”

It is such sensibility, empathy, engagement which brings me joy as a writer of stories.

Visby – ancient and modern – beautiful blend

An Argentian friend once remarked that Gotland reminded him of his country. But somehow I never had the desire to holiday there, instead choosing to visit Italy, the UK, and the USA. Until recently and by chance. Someone had invited my wife and me. And to our amazement, it turned out to be an enjoyable time on the island. Needless to mention that my camera never had a moment of peace. The scenery was indeed beautiful. For me, mostly Visby the city and Hoburgen, located in the most southern part of the island. Gotland is a municipality in Sweden. I must now add Argentia to my list of countries to visit!image

Text related to the Baltic Sea video clip

Video clip taken this week during a 3-day vacation on the island of Gotland. Enjoyed the time there. Beautiful island! Was my first visit. The weather was one of light rain but mostly sunshine. The evenings were a bit chilly. In the city Visby, Almedalen was in full swing, it ends this Sunday. This event highlights the presentation of programmes of all eight political parties.

Finally, a word about the video. The sea: I enjoy watching it – the dynamics, ebbs and flows. I can watch it for hours. The effect is so relaxing!