Infatuation—Book 1 (of 3 series) by Lauren Rowe

A must-read, spectacular story – highly recommended

A marvellous story about how infatuation can be if it pushes you to the brink of losing yourself or, better still, carrying you beyond your imagination. Josh and Kat are ‘something else.’ Two brave souls.

Playboy Josh Faraday is used to getting what he wants is Party Girl (Kat) with a Hyphen.

Josh and Kat seemed incompatible, or rather their personalities seem similar, showing robust egos in a masquerade of wills and wishes. Both are inspired by a huge passion for the other.

Here’s the thing. From the movement they set their eyes on each other, the game is about passionate desires that began to stir like mad, causing them to struggle to contain themselves. Perhaps, thanks to their powerful egos, they manage to maintain control over overwhelming desires.

Only when the inevitable act of seduction takes place, all their pent-up emotions give way and all hell loses. OMG!

And I envied Josh’s ability to restrain his emotions, and moments of ecstasy, the relentless stream of intense passion unfolded.

As a young man, infatuation was the only thing I experienced in a love relationship. And in the subsequent phase, I didn’t do well, and the whole thing fell apart.

Of course, other characters enhance the plot, which I haven’t mentioned. But I much prefer you to find it out yourself.

For me, Josh and Kat ran away with the prize.

Lauren Rowe has done a marvellous job in Book 1 (of 3 series). Any reader can relish this tale. The storytelling is superb. And the erotic scenes are rendered beautifully and realistically.

I highly recommend “Infatuation – Book 1” by Lauren Rowe.