Brief description of my new book

Strangers In Another Country” is a collection of four short stories. There is nothing sensational, nothing sexy about these tales. But the tales are anything but dull, judging from the good reception they received in 1977. They have been revised.

There is humour, disappointment, joy, loneliness, unrequited love, despair, sadness – a glimmer of hope. The characters are mostly West Indians who find themselves in an elusive quest for “a better life,” in two European capitals. The setting in the late sixties.

The first tale is about loneliness, lovelessness, and disappointment about life in London. The second story is about a young woman and her act of humility that leads to a dispute with her boyfriend. The third tale is a novella that depicts love and friendship between a young man and a young woman. And the final story is also a novella, about social and personal problems, in the lives of a handful of marginal men of colour with social and personal issues in the Scandinavian city of Stockholm.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Strangers In Another Country

Finally, my collection of short stories became available at Amazon today. I refrained from making it known, prior to some modest promotion that will kick off in a day or two. Of course, I was made happy by a quick approval. But the do-it-yourself work that I had stubbornly decided on doing was more than I had bargained for. The writing had some moments of pleasure though far from being easy. And the seemingly endless proof-reading – that was boring as well as demanding. I thank the gods and family for the spiritual support in seeing the project through.*Version*=1&*entries*=0