A small sample of customer reviews of ”Strangers in Another Country”

Strangers in Another Country is a great read. The characters in the book are immigrants, and they are written outstandingly. They are vibrant, well written characters that jump right off the page. They display the struggle of being an immigrant in another country and the trials and tribulations that they go through. The stories are very relatable. – Jennifer

This is not a book that is about plots or storylines. It is about acute social observations, the exploration of themes. It deals with social and racial obstacles and prejudices, of traversing those complex boundaries and trying to find and assert your place in the world. – BloggingMama101

A triumphant look at relationships and the miscommunication that can occur within them. But what Lawrence does is take it a step further by delving into cultural misunderstandings. When cultures clash how does this affect correspondance and social cues and interactions. These short stories are definitely worth a read. The main characters in each of the stories goes through a self revelation or self discovery. This comes in different forms. And for this reason it is a book anyone can relate to. – Mark A. Holderman

Although the book deals with profound social obstacles, the author succeeded well in approaching them lightly, modestly, without pretentiousness. I would warmly recommend this book to people who demand from prose more than just a story. – Amazon Customer

Many times I felt like I was reading of myself in my youth, though with the perspective I did not have back then, which made for some very enjoyable uncomfortable moments as well as some laugh out loud moments. I felt like the book not only helped me to understand the struggles of the “strangers” among us, but also helped me understand myself and humanity at large a little better. I would recommend this to anyone, regardless of race, who wants to indulge in purely open, heartfelt, and superb writing that has the power to open your mind a bit wider and make you feel something. – StaceyK

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