My Book Review: Branches Of Time

Branches Of Time – by Luca Rossi [Kindle Ebook]

(This review was written last autumn.) I don’t read as much fiction as I once did. Over a decade or more ago, non-fiction had taken up much of my reading time. With respect to science fiction, I have never been a fan. Read perhaps one or two, but that was all. One reason might be a desire for realism as oppose to ‘escapist literature’. Literature that reflects human experiences instead of mere entertainment. One can argue that all fiction reading a form of entertainment, escapism. Another reason can obviously be snobbery – a propensity deriving from my British colonial education.
Anyway, I will attempt to be open-minded, avoiding to pre-judge the book by its genre. The book is The Branch Of Time by Luca Rossi. My reading it has to do with the idea that its author politely requested me to read it. Which I vaguely tried to avoid, with a pretext of one kind or another, but in the end, I gave in. And so my approach to the book became one of curiosity, divorced of any positive expectation.

But to my surprise after a few sentences, it instantly caught my interest. As I write this I’m reminded of the common habit of prejudging things, or strangers, for that matter. Of course, liking or disliking are human prerogatives, though at times it can turn out to be erroneous when founded on irrational thoughts.
The writing style is smooth and the story-telling generally straightforward, with some flashbacks and some surprises. Its structure comprises short paragraphs that make for easy reading. There are a couple, or more, of erotic scenes that assist in minimising the dullness that appears at times. And the main characters are more or less complex (round) not easily predictable in word or deed. The minor ones are of course flat. The main characters are Bashinoir and his wife Lil, Miril the Priestess. King Beanor and perhaps his advisor Tuirl. Waizards Aldin, Obodil and Ilis I would refer to as minor characters.

Not sure of the genre to which this book belongs. All the same, I gladly recommend it to readers of sci-fi and fantasy. My rate would be 4 out of 5 stars. And my overall impression is that the tale is captivating, creating the feeling of wanting to know “what next”! This feeling remains to the end, creating a mood that is quite uneasy – leaving me high and dry! But there will be a follow-up sometime, hopefully in the near future.

Book Review: Carolina Spirit by Bibiana Krall

Fascinating read – cover to cover !  5 STARS !!!

Book Review:

I came to this novel, Carolina Spirit by Bibiana Krall, not knowing what to expect. But it took no time to become enthralled by the beautiful delineation of the landscape of the lower country (of South Carolina) and its affinity with the protagonist. As my reading progressed, I became engrossed in the protagonist’s risky quest for justice. I was also thrilled by the loving friendship that transpired between Gracie and Gus. The tale offers much more: passion, fun and excitement, and surprises too – all that awaits the reader. I’m happy to recommend this book to readers of all ages. Available at Amazon as ebook and paperback versions.