My Review: A Brave Year – 52 Weeks Being Mindful by Gabriel Constans

A Must-Have Mindfulness Manual

I like to think that I have my time and space under control, but that is far from being the case, and “A BRAVE YEAR – 52 weeks of Being” (by Gabriel Constans) has reminded me of that.

My awareness of Mindfulness began a couple of years before my retirement a decade ago, in an open psychiatric clinic. It was a new preventive method to aid patients with recurring depression and anxiety. There was, of course, initial scepticism from some staff members, but in time there was full support for the approach, resulting from its success. It was true that some patients weren’t enthusiastic during the introduction of the method, mostly a reluctance to “homework” exercises and associated feedback, though gradually the benefits became apparent.

This manual offers easy-to-follow instructions and a variety of exercises for the (novice or experienced) reader from which to choose. It has surprisingly inspired another effort to minimise my stressful moments in particular.

For, at times, I find it hard to focus on any single task, including my writing.

In short, I have too many projects and the reality of inevitable demise. With patience and deterioration, however, the exercises in this book should hopefully improve the situation.

Without a doubt, mindful meditation has over recent years proven useful in our lives, where stress has become an increasing hazard in the lives of many. I haven’t been a big fan of meditation (or even yoga), but there are benefits to be gained from either.

One of the things I like about exercises in this book is that you can practice them comfortably in various situations, thus eliminating the need for a proper time and place.

I warmly recommend this book “A BRAVE YEAR – 52 weeks of Being” by Gabriel Constans to the curiously-minded, sceptics and experienced practitioners alike.