A 4-Star Review @ Amazon: A triumphant look at relationships and the miscommunication that can occur within them. But what Lawrence does is take it a step further by delving into cultural misunderstandings. When cultures clash how does this affect correspondance and social cues and interactions. These short stories are definitely worth a read. The main characters in each of the stories goes through a self revelation or self discovery. This comes in different forms. And for this reason it is a book anyone can relate to.

Excerpt from “Strangers in Another Country”, a long short story and title of my debut book

“Recently, the struggle for freedom and equal rights for Afro-Americans has euphorically come over me. Before that, the cause appeared so distant— typically American. The voting rights, segregation, etc. Until, by chance, after having watched a couple of television documentaries, read a few articles that appeared in my evening newspaper, and listened to one or two African and West Indians, my interest in the Afro-American struggle began. The calls for solidarity from some black militants with the oppressed peoples of the Third World seem to appeal to the idealist within me. The black cultural slogan ‘Black is Beautiful’ had already become fashionable amongst some members of the black diaspora in Stockholm.”