Making Sense of Past Time – a novel – seen thru the eyes of a stranger:

Making Sense of Past Time is the story of a young man’s attempt to escape the boredom of his provincial hometown. Harry’s memoir chronicles his struggles leaving Georgetown, Guyana for the big-city life of London. He reveals his difficulties finding employment and housing in the environment of racial discrimination in Great Britain during the early 1960s.

Life in London wasn’t everything he’d hoped it would be. From “living on the dole” with his weekly allowance from the Employment Exchange to “beating the tube” and learning to shoplift with a rough crowd, Harry’s journey is an exciting tale of perseverance.

Follow Harry as he travels through Great Britain and Sweden, meeting interesting people and suffering through some challenging times. This ultimately heartwarming saga is full of humor, youthful passion, and dreams, and allows a glimpse into the British class system and the social lives of working class London.

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