On my radar: Karl Ove Knausgaard’s cultural highlights Spy novels, Swedish art and the Russian obsession with immortality feature on the Norwegian literary heavyweight’s cultural hitlist


Lgt41: I read the first in Swedish. The original might’ve been in Norwegian but I’m not sure. I promised myself to read the entire collection in English, although in Swedish would be better for me though at a slower pace. A faster pace is the essence at my stage of life, so in English it will be.

Hilarious, a must read!

Middle England by Jonathan Coe is a must-read. His smooth, entertaining narrative describes fascinating and human tragedies interwoven with national events, particularly the Brexit divide. My former mother country has changed alright, although not as fundamental as some claim. England has always been a strange country, one I still love to travel to but not to live in any more. Highly recommended read.