Reviewed By: K.C. FinnReview Rating:5 Stars – Congratulations on your 5-star review! Get your free 5-star seal!Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ FavoriteFour Bittersweet Romances & A Four-Act Closet Drama…

…is a collection of short stories and dramatic works penned by author Lawrence G. Taylor. As the title suggests, this work takes on a romantic theme and presents realistic romances with both the highs and lows of emotional sentiment. Centering especially on the cultural differences and intricacies of Caribbean characters, Afro-Americans and those living in and native to Sweden, an interesting set of personalities find themselves in situations ranging from holiday romances being continued to arguments between friends, clashes of culture, and friends-turned-lovers scenarios. The work is better suited to the mature reading audience owing to complex themes and strong romantic but non-explicit content.

Author Lawrence G. Taylor presents a really interesting mix of stories that unify to tell a tale of all the different, difficult facets of romance and dating many of us may face in our lives. For me, the most poignant tales were certainly Binky’s Reverie, and the drama Tell Me Who My Enemy Is as I felt a deep emotional resonance with the pain, disappointment, and conflict in these tales. Balancing this against the romance genre makes for some very exciting reading that will leave you thinking long after closing the book. All of the stories offer something fresh and different for readers of varied tastes. Overall, I would certainly recommend Four Bittersweet Romances & A Four-Act Closet Drama to fans of quirky, realistic romance tales and those who want to be able to engage with an enjoyable quick-read and still take a poignant, satisfying message away from it.

A Former UFC Fighter, an Alleged Molester, and the Quandary of Vigilante Justice

A Former UFC Fighter, an Alleged Molester, and the Quandary of Vigilante Justice
In late February, former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez opened fire on a pickup carrying a man who’s been charged with molesting the fighter’s young relative—perhaps his son. Velasquez is in jail, the molester is out on supervised release, and MMA fans are outraged.
By Kevin Koenig
Mar 16, 2022

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