Customer Review of “Getting It Right, If Ever”

Olga’s Customer Review


5.0 out of 5 stars

Reviewed in the United States on August 22, 2019

Such a deep understanding of human nature on every page!

This is the book of life and love, of friendship and loneliness, of hope and despair and a lot more! While reading, I am always trying to imagine what the ending will be: this time I haven’t come even close.

Lawrence G. Taylor has created his novel in that amazing style, that one simply wonders how writing could have ever been this great! I was impressed that this fascinating read could evoke such warm memories and feelings in me.

To develop the story of the relationship of Benji, the 40-year-old Caribbean gardener, and Angelica, whose affection he is desperately trying to win, the author uses simple but so greatly chosen details that speak a lot about characters and events. Benji’s love for jazz, the way he compares his beloved woman to actress Dorothy Dandrige, and many more things help to create a picture that is so easy to visualize.

I was stunned by Benji’s analogy of human beauty when he compared it with “fresh flowers in a vase” – the metaphor was used in an unexpected way. However, my favorite thought from the book is: “It’s not the thing itself, but how we understand it that affects us emotionally.” So simple, yet so true!

The picturesque characters of Benji’s friend Monica, Angelica’s ex-lover Ram-Paul and numerous flash-backs just add miraculously to the whole narrative, leaving a great after-feeling of reading a true life story. The author managed to convey such a deep understanding of human nature – both man and woman – on every page of his book.

I recommend this book to everyone! Reading it was like looking inside of oneself and experiencing different feelings through the masterfully crafted characters and story.