The Motherless Child | John Banville | The New York Review of Books

James Joyce was a tireless promoter of his own work and reputation. The silence that was one of the three principles of his stated artistic game plan—the
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@lgt41 💥⛄️💥 « Toward the end of his (Joyce’s) life, when his daughter Lucia was tumbling headlong into madness, he blamed himself, her “cold mad feary father,” for bequeathing to her the brilliance of mind which in him was genius, in her, dementia. » 💥⛄️💥

@lgt41: I don’t have the time to do scientific research. Assuming this is the case, what an appalling reality. In the blog post, black cats are subjected to similar treatment. Awful!
Growing up, however, I remember believing it was a bad omen whenever a black 🐈‍⬛ crosses my path on foot or bike. But I’ve dispensed with the superstition decades ago because it turned out not to be true — according to my empirical knowledge.

In my debut Strangers in Another Country, “Betty and the Black Puppy” is part of the collection of tales. Betty is Scottish and a latter-day Francis of Assisi regarding all God’s creatures. In the story, the dog 🐶 is a symbol of… [I can’t let the cat out of the bag! Please fetch a copy, or read free Kindle Unlimited.)


Under Review Can a Novel Capture the Contradictions of Female Desire?

{@lgt41: This is a novel I missed out on after reading a review of it last year but will make an effort to fetch it. I once worked as a mental-health counsellor & did psychotherapy for a number of years. I remain intrigued by the contradictory emotions in play in love relationships. }

Coronavirus lingers in air longer than previously thought, scientists warn | Science & Tech News | Sky News

Researchers find particles carrying the virus can remain in the air for several minutes after a COVID-19 sufferer coughs.
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P. S.

@lgt41: Somebody like me a layman with a fear of germs (bacteria, uncleanliness, contamination, and infection) would’ve already arrived at a similar conclusion. Not rocket science, really. We catch the flu 🤧 or rather it catches us. Common-sense says that most germs have the potential to be contagious by airborne. My thoughts now alight on a reality where buses and trucks and other vehicles pass me on my regular daily paved public promenade. Such gigantic vehicles leave their trail—whirls of dust and only the gods can know for sure what else. But, but at such a time, at the start of spring, road-and-street cleaning is in full swing. My mind, (lungs, rather) consider the reality quite annoying — but unavoidable arguably, especially if one is big about regular walks. Such cleansing is of course part of essential services provided in one’s community as well as in tune with one’s predisposition if it relates to germs in general. Happy Easter!💥🐣🐣🐣💥

My response:
I agree that quality is a must, and that overexposure doesn’t help, though some book promoters would argue that it takes a year or longer for most books to get going. That may be true but I’m not convinced.

We know of quality books that don’t get the attention they deserve. Some “terrible” books do quite well.

I think it’s difficult to say what makes a book sell, even the experts get it wrong. Quality however remains an indispensable ingredient.


Larry (@lgt41)