Excerpt from “Darker Than Blue – This Mortal Coil”


THE YEAR IS 2030. Dark forces of change ascend from Hades and justice and compassion are virtues that will soon belong to the past. The dream of dominance, terror and new world order is expected. Democracy is said to have grown old and frail as it stands tragically at the brink of death with crutches stopping it from falling. A pest rages on the island of Atlantis.”

Excerpt From: Lawrence G. Taylor. “Darker than Blue — This Mortal Coil”. Apple Books. 

“Good writing” doesn’t matter. Technical excellence is irrelevant. What matters is whether the story is entertaining. Everything else is secondary.


What is the secret that professional writers know that amateurs would never guess? There’s no damn secret — and rightly so! — as Lawrence Watt-Evans would have it. And he’s right! This guy has earned a living as a writer for 32 years.

Personally, I would like to experience some success. Most scribblers would, I imagine. But I’m a stubborn bugger who doesn’t believe in following any crowd. I’m still stuck in the genre of literary fiction.

”Finding the right book editor” — Reedsy

LGT: I am considering accepting this offer. But my cynical muses are fierce. A ‘right book editor’ for me would have to be someone who knows me and is competent for the task. Qualifications and years of experience will be superb. There are competent book editors out here, but they are either hard to come by or too expensive to afford. My mindset is that of an average author, my confidence and esteem ebb away. I generally rate my writing as good-enough, but not excellent. But even excellent writing often fails to make the grade. I have observed this in the work of many talented writers whose books have yet to climb the ladder of success. With all this in mind and more, the cynic is contemptuous.