Posting my review of Map of a Planation by Jenny Mitchell – Winner Poetry Book Awards 2021

A remarkable collection of poems!

Map of a Plantation delineates immoral and deadly crimes with elegance and equanimity. It’s a moving, lyrical portrayal of enslaved––man, woman, child––and enslaver intertwined in long enslavement in the distant past when the gods refused to witness the cruelty and injustice orchestrated by evil forces. Christian souls were holding the Holy Book and a whip. All this enraged me yet allowed me to bear sympathy and pity for devils. This bizarre behaviour still plagues the lives of multitudes. Hope remains the only currency at homo sapiens’ disposal to create a bright future for every living soul. 

The following are two of my favourites:

I used to be a bible woman, rang a bell for God

knew his words by heart, though 

I cannot read.

As the last was taken from my

breast, I cursed God

quietly or the master will attack

as if a crime to hate the life he


I highly recommend Jenny Mitchell’s beautiful book to every reader, including non-readers of poetry like me.

[@lgt41] Lawrence G. Taylor

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