💥🐣💥 A revised version will be available soon — Probably my favourite story; it sort of symbolises my age of innocence. Set in the early sixties, written in the 70’s. I’m hoping it attracts New Adult readers. The blurb is below. Cheers & StaySafe😷 💥🐣💥

Binky’s Reverie is a story that first appeared in my debut book, Strangers in Another Country––a short story collection. In some ways, the story about the coming of age of Binky Brown, a young Guyanese man with an idealised view of love and life. It’s about his quest for self-realisation and his place and calling in life. Linda is a young Swedish woman who has broken up with her boyfriend and takes a university break to spend some time in London as an au pair. She meets Binky at the Lutheran Church’s social club; they become friends and indulge in a gentle romance, but not beyond. For Linda, it’s a romance without a future. The romance offers enjoyment and frustration for the man who has never gone to bed with a woman but loves dating beautiful girls who set their own agenda because he lacks the confidence to move matters forward. Linda’s message is clear to Binky. Only romance. Their friendship continued through letters (hers: I miss our dates, your jokes and humour, yours truly or loving) after returning to Sweden. Linda then invites Binky to Sweden for a holiday. Linda likes him a lot, but only as a friend. Binky hopes to go beyond kissing, caressing and cuddling. His hope is consummate love. But in his courtship, mere words and low confidence prevail. Binky hopes Linda will take the initiative that will take him off the shelf.

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