The 50 Best Contemporary Novels Over 500 Pages by Emily Temple

The 50 Best Contemporary Novels Over 500 Pages via @lithub

(LGT: I don’t like such lengthy novels, but I’ve read a few. For example, A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth, published in 1993. I don’t remember if I read everything or skipped pages. It was a thousand words long – 1349 to be exact. I like the short story. It can be read in one sitting, which is convenient in some cases. But the short story seems to have lost its allure. I know this because my writing consists mainly of such, with a few novellas. As for my writing, I happen to write short stories and short stories. For me, writing a novel is backbreaking, and I’ve only written one novel where I’ve struggled at times to keep focus and maintain tone and style. So, it was no surprise when a reviewer remarked that my novel could be shorter. So, there you have it – Each to their own.)

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