Avni Doshi: ‘I’ve never been confident of my writing. Maybe confidence and art don’t go together.’

An interview with the author of the Booker Prize shortlisted ‘Burnt Sugar’ / ‘Girl in White Cotton’.
— Read on scroll.in/article/975268/avni-doshi-ive-never-been-confident-of-my-writing-maybe-confidence-and-art-dont-go-together


excerpt from interview:

”I’ve never been confident of my writing in general and I probably lack self-confidence as a kind of a personality trait. I’m deeply insecure about my work. I think part of it is I’ve never really studied writing in an organised academic setting. I’m always wondering what I’m missing, which plays into my imposter syndrome – although I meet brilliant writers with MFAs who also suffer from something similar.

LGT: My self-confidence goes and comes. I sometimes consider myself a scribbler who regard well-known authors through the ages as ‘naturals’, which is far from the truth, because all writers must labour in their writing to get things right, if ever.

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