“The Ballad of Calle & Maja” by Lawrence G. Taylor – available at Amazon and other online book stores


A slice of Romance Realism: a poignant love story for readers of all ages and walks-of-life. Maja sends Calle crushes, and he is flattered and becomes infatuated. But Calle suffers from low self-esteem. As his affection for Maja grows, his fear of failure begins to kick in. For years Calle was lonely, desperate, and vulnerable, had experienced a string of disheartening one-night stands and unrequited love. Calle sustained psychological scars after visiting an online cat-fishing site where he forfeited much of his bank savings. 
After much ambivalence–and moral support from two compassionate workmates–Calle decides to make his move. He goes after Maja’s affection as if he had nothing to lose. Maja, meanwhile, has love troubles of her own. Calle is determined to win her love and is hopeful, however. The question is, does Calle have what it takes to make himself and Maja happy? 

Goodreads Review: ”a touching contemporary romance …The characters are well developed and their journey is filled with shocking twists and turns. This emotional page-turner does not disappoint.”

Goodreads Review: ”the author has given us something true and real, using no filters in depicting to us love and its up-and-downs. And that’s what I appreciate the most about Taylor’s writing style and books, the fact that he makes you feel and, at the same time, think over and appreciate the beauty of life.”

Goodreads Review: ”I’ve experienced the whole spectrum of the most amazing emotions and feelings while reading this story and immediately was captured by its true to life events. Pain and joy, jealousy and doubt, delight and disappointment, ups and downs … All this can be combined into one thing – a beautiful love story.”

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