Upon waking up this morning I noticed a question on Quora The Writer’s Nook:

Hi guys! I have a question. I have many ideas to write a story, and I want to write it. But when I write, I can’t think anything, I don’t know how to start, and I can’t find words suitable to describle the thing I want. What happen to me?

My response:

Hey, I will be brief. Apart from reading a lot, you must write frequently. Write whatever comes to mind. Acquire the habit of writing notes, especially when ideas appear. Later, much later, practice writing and rewriting short tales, say 100 words — more, or less. If you can, think in terms of structure: beginning-middle-end. If not, the structure can be applied later, when you rework the writing material. At this stage, avoid striving for perfection. Be patient. Good luck! Cheers!

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