Coronavirus lingers in air longer than previously thought, scientists warn | Science & Tech News | Sky News

Researchers find particles carrying the virus can remain in the air for several minutes after a COVID-19 sufferer coughs.
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P. S.

@lgt41: Somebody like me a layman with a fear of germs (bacteria, uncleanliness, contamination, and infection) would’ve already arrived at a similar conclusion. Not rocket science, really. We catch the flu 🤧 or rather it catches us. Common-sense says that most germs have the potential to be contagious by airborne. My thoughts now alight on a reality where buses and trucks and other vehicles pass me on my regular daily paved public promenade. Such gigantic vehicles leave their trail—whirls of dust and only the gods can know for sure what else. But, but at such a time, at the start of spring, road-and-street cleaning is in full swing. My mind, (lungs, rather) consider the reality quite annoying — but unavoidable arguably, especially if one is big about regular walks. Such cleansing is of course part of essential services provided in one’s community as well as in tune with one’s predisposition if it relates to germs in general. Happy Easter!💥🐣🐣🐣💥

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