My New Book “Getting it Right, if Ever” – Romance Novella. It’s expected to be available on 20th August. ​


Getting it Right, if Ever.jpg


This story is about romance and is set in the early 70s in two imaginary countries: TeeGee, an island in the Caribbean and Vikland in Northern Europe. 40-year-old Benji is a gardener and an aspiring poet who hails from the island of TeeGee. 45-year-old Molly invites him to visit Vikland, and Benji embraces the invitation since he has never had the chance to visit another country. He treasures the hope of becoming a published poet. One day Benji catches sight of a beautiful woman and becomes obsessed with her face and figure. He attempts to win her affection, but his manner is anything but conventional. Armed with hope, Benji has faith in himself and is determined to succeed — whether getting it right, if ever.



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