About “Tell Me Who My Enemy Is — a four-act closet drama”

In the 70s I wrote a closet drama; revised and published it in 2018. I chose that genre because  at the time I had no knowledge of how to write for the stage. The definition of closet drama is “a play that is not intended to be performed onstage but read by a solitary reader or sometimes out loud in a small group. The contrast between closet drama and classic ‘stage’ dramas dates back to the late eighteenth century. Although non-performative in nature, the closet drama is “a quite legitimate product of literary art.” 

— Wikipedia 

Closet drama is of course no longer an ‘in-thing’ – perhaps it was last used in the 19th century.  Should you be interested in reviewing my closet drama on Amazon, I ‘d be happy to provide a free copy. If not there, Goodreads would do.  



Tell Me Who My Enemy Is — a four-act closet drama:


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